T-Mobile customers on older unlimited plans are facing a price hike of $10 per month, starting in November.

The carrier is forcing customers to migrate to newer plans, which are more expensive.

If you're on an older T-Mobile unlimited plan, there are a few things you can do to avoid the price increase:

Opt out of the migration. You can call T-Mobile customer service to opt out of the migration to a newer plan.

Switch to a different plan. T-Mobile offers a variety of unlimited plans at different price points.

Switch to a different carrier. If you're not happy with the T-Mobile price increase, you can always switch to a different carrier.

Shop around for the best deal. T-Mobile offers a variety of discounts and promotions on its newer plans.

Bundle your services. T-Mobile offers discounts to customers who bundle their wireless service with other T-Mobile services, such as internet or TV.

Look for third-party deals. There are a number of third-party retailers that offer discounts on T-Mobile plans.