To use home remedies to regrow hair on bald patches, simply apply the chosen remedy to your scalp and hair regularly.

Most remedies should be applied several times a week for best results.

Here are some specific tips for using each of the home remedies listed above:

Scalp massage: Massage your scalp for a few minutes each day using your fingertips or a scalp massage brush.

Be sure to massage all areas of your scalp, including the bald patches.

Aloe vera: Apply aloe vera gel to your scalp and hair several times a week.

You can either use pure aloe vera gel or purchase a shampoo or conditioner that contains aloe vera.

Coconut oil: Apply coconut oil to your scalp and hair before bed and leave it on overnight.

You can also apply coconut oil to your hair during the day to help protect it from the sun and other environmental damage.