Bloody fingerprints from red paint: Dip your fingers in red paint and press them onto white paper or cardboard.

Cobwebs from cotton balls: Pull cotton balls apart and glue them to cardboard circles to create cobwebs.

Haunted house from a milk carton: Cut out windows and doors in a milk carton to create a haunted house.

Zombie hands from green gloves: Stuff green gloves with paper towels or rags to create zombie hands.

Mummy wraps from white crepe paper: Wrap white crepe paper around furniture or other objects to create mummy wraps.

Bloody bandages from gauze: Wrap gauze around your arms or legs and then soak it in red food coloring.

Bloody footprints from red paint: Dip your shoes in red paint and walk around your home to create bloody footprints.

Bloody handprints from red paint: Dip your hands in red paint and press them onto walls, furniture, or other decorations.

Creepy noises from a tape recorder: Record creepy noises, such as screams, laughter, and howling, onto a tape recorder.