The Hollywood queen remembers her early days in movies and her interactions with numerous co-stars and studio bosses who sought to bed her in part 2 of our Joan Collins exclusive.

Everything hinged on Joan Collins' behavior at this crucial juncture.

But regrettably, this was not an audition space.

 In 1950s LA, it was an industry gathering. Additionally, the clumsy 50-something who insisted on escorting her around the dance floor showed no genuine interest in her performing talents, at least not of that particular nature.

"My life would have been completely different. My career would have taken a very different path. But... then I wouldn’t have met my second and third husbands and had my wonderful children "

“He was one of the leading men who thought they had a divine right to sleep with their leading ladies,” she says 

“On another film, he told me I would ‘break his record’ if I refused to sleep with him.” She refused nonetheless.  

she reveals. “He was horrible up close, all pimply and pock-marked skin. I never really saw what Taylor saw in him.” 

“Women of that time had to be very strong. They were survivors”, she says.