DIY Halloween decorations can be expensive, but they don't have to be.

Here are some cheap and nasty ideas that will get your home looking spooky without breaking the bank.

Ghosts from old sheets: Cut out ghost shapes from old sheets and hang them from your windows and doorways.

Spiderwebs from yarn: Glue white yarn to cardboard circles to create spiderwebs.

Pumpkins from socks: Stuff old socks with rice or beans to create pumpkins.

Tombstones from cardboard boxes: Cut out tombstone shapes from cardboard boxes and paint them white or gray.

Skeletons from pool noodles: Cut pool noodles into different lengths to create skeleton bones.

Witches' cauldrons from black pots: Fill black pots with dry leaves or branches to create witches' cauldrons.

Eyeballs from ping pong balls: Paint ping pong balls white and draw black irises and pupils on them.