7 Of The Healthiest Ice Creams, Per Registered Dietitians

7 Of The Healthiest Ice Creams Per Registered Dietitians

Halo Top: Halo Top Is Well-Known For Its Protein-Rich Reduced-Calorie Ice Cream Selections. It Is A Well-Liked Option For Those Managing Their Calorie Consumption Since

Enlightened: A Variety Of Ice Cream And Ice Cream Bars From Enlightened Have Less Sugar And More Protein Than Conventional Ice Cream. It Has A Variety Of Tastes And Often Contains Fiber.

Yasso: Compared To Conventional Ice Cream Bars Yasso'S Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars Have More Protein And Less Calories. They Are A Popular Among Those Looking For A Healthy Dessert Choice Learn More

Polar Zero: A Range Of Reduced-Calorie Lactose-Free Ice Creams Called Arctic Zero Are Often Sweetened With Organic Cane Sugar And Monk Fruit

Zeromoo! Nadamoo! Is An Organic Dairy-Free Ice Cream Made From Coconut Milk. For People Who Are Lactose Intolerant Or Allergic To Dairy As Well As Vegetarians

Opposing Creamery: Rebel Creamery Is Good For Anyone On A Ketogenic Diet Since It Specializes In Low-Carb High-Fat Ice Creams. It Has A Low Effect On Blood Sugar And Is Rich In Good Fats.

So Good Without Dairy: This Company Sells A Variety Of Ice Creams Without Dairy That Are Prepared With Cashew Coconut And Almond Milk Among Other Milk Substitutes.