Old financial paperwork: Get rid of old receipts, bank statements, and debt statements. They attract negativity and block money flow.

Dirty windows and dust: Keep your windows dust-free to let in positive energy and attract money.

Unpaid bills: Unpaid bills create a negative financial burden and block money flow.

Leaky water tap: A leaky water tap is a symbol of wasted money. Fix it to attract more money.

Cluttered space: Clutter attracts negative energy and blocks money flow. Keep your space clean and organized.

Broken or damaged items: Broken or damaged items represent unfinished business and block money flow. Repair or discard them.

Withered plants: Withered plants are a symbol of negative energy and block money flow.

Mirrors facing each other: Mirrors facing each other can create negative energy and block money flow.

Negative thoughts and beliefs: Negative thoughts and beliefs about money can block money flow.