After 20 seasons with the Miami Heat and a trip to the NBA Finals in 2023, veteran big man Udonis Haslem announced his retirement.

At 43 years old, Haslem was the league's senior player.

Since his retirement, a new group of aged players has emerged who are among the most likely to call it quits after the upcoming season. 

If they win the NBA championship in 2024, these five players may retire.

Forward P.J. Tucker, a seasoned member of the Philadelphia 76ers, will turn 39 in May 2024 and start his 13th season.

Al Horford, a seasoned big man for the Boston Celtics, will soon begin his 17th season.

For the Toronto Raptors throughout their drive for the 2019 NBA championship, Lowry was a crucial player. He was then demoted to more of a supporting role with the Heat, though.

Chris Paul will be 39 in May 2024 and is now 38 years old. Paul's opportunity to contribute significantly to a title contender may therefore be limited beyond this season.

LeBron James, the great forward for the LA Lakers, has already won four NBA championships and holds the record for most points scored in league history, so he doesn't have much more to show.